Daily Prompt: Creature

via Daily Prompt: Creature   crea·ture [ˈkrēCHər] NOUN creatures (plural noun) an animal, as distinct from a human being: "night sounds of birds and other creatures" synonyms: animal · beast · brute · living thing · living being · critter · varmint an animal or person: "as fellow creatures on this planet, animals deserve respect" … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Creature

Daily Prompt: Puzzled

puz·zle [ˈpəzəl]   VERB puzzled (past tense) · puzzled (past participle) cause (someone) to feel confused because they cannot understand or make sense of something: "one remark he made puzzled me" synonyms: perplex · confuse · bewilder · bemuse · baffle · mystify · confound · [more] flummox · faze · stump · beat · … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Puzzled