Nassau , Bahamas Getaway

I had another getaway to the Bahamas. At his point, the island has become and second home. I hadn’t visited the island in and while due to Covid. Booked and 10-day stay and that turned into 11 days because I missed my flight. The strangest thing keeps happening once I return from the Bahamas.

That is I tend to always miss my flight and customs pull me. For clarification, I and my items are pulled into the customs office for double-checking. An at this point I find it to be aggravating and an invasion of my privacy. I understand they are doing their job but give me a break. They ask all these personal questions in a casual trying to make and conversation way lol.

Other than that it was extremely hot and the curfew sucks. The curfew currently is you have to be heading home by 10 pm. You have to check in daily through and survey sent to your email. You also have to take and covid PCR test 5days before your arrival. On your 5th day, you should be leaving if not you have to take another test.

That is covered by your health visa insurance you pay for before your arrival. If you stay past 5 days you are supposed to take another test as well. The return home you have to have negative results that were taken in the last 3 days. If you plan on traveling there just be careful to not get swindled on the test price. I got swindled on the last test I took.

It should have only been $40 I paid $140 not knowing any better. The nurse should have known better because I had a USA passport. I hope it was a miscommunication and not the other way. But I believe she knew what she was doing so I am letting my bank handle that. The Bahamians are feeling the pandemic and that saddened me.

I know Americans are dealing with the aftermath as well. I feel at least we have some assistance from the government and more opportunities. I found most Bahamians had found them and hustle just to make it through the next day. I was asked for money and few times from panhandlers. It was shocking because that had never happened before with my other visits.

I realized this trip how things are kind of expensive on the island. For and meal and drink it was $18 each plus 12% vat. It’s the vat in my opinion that’s ridiculous. I also noticed that Nassau is behind the times tremendously. It’s odd being that they are so close to Florida.

For part of my stay, I did rent an Airbnb and it was disgusting. I initially wanted to stay at the Atlantis but I did not do that. But I feel that would have been smarter and especially because they had a test site on the property. But the place I rented was not clean and just was not up to par. I am not bourgeois and I don’t live with my nose in the air.

But the refrigerator had feces on top. It was old food items still in the refrigerator. The bed just was covered with and sheet and one old lumpy pillow. The water pressure in the shower was not strong at all. There were no sanitizers or wipes.

If you read my last blog about my trip to Dallas I had the same experience at that Airbnb. The ac was on 16 degrees and just was not blowing. No garbage can and there were bugs everywhere. What is happening with Airbnb’s? I feel like they are just taking our money and not providing the experience they should.

I find it funny that the airport had and test center as well. The island and the people running the show are real money-hungry. The island itself is still beautiful and it still feels like home. But I kept wondering is this exploitation of tourism or are they just trying to keep ahead. It’s strange but my flight ticket was cheaper than anything else on my trip perse.

I know people there and I kind of felt I was being taken advantage of financially with them. I was just like and I the only one that notices this? That was another question that drove me mad. I flew there for and birthday party. Only to find out that the person didn’t even have any money to plan the party.

I asked why tell me to come if this is the case? I would not invite anyone to my gathering knowing it’s not planned. I wouldn’t even invite anyone out knowing I didn’t have my funds. The biggest takeaway I guess is I had time to brainstorm for future projects. I included some pictures as well not many.

When is your next trip to the Bahamas? By the way, bring cash or you will have to pay an arm and leg in atm fees. By the way I went to and cave that had actual bats in it it. Its really close to the airport and if you have time check it out.

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