The Events that made 2020

We survived 2020 !!! Can you believe it? Being quite frank I am anstonished its over. So lets chat about the events that made 2020 the year to remember and not forget.

Australian Bush Fires

I briefly remember this news story but its still quite saddening. Australia faced and terrible wildfires and  the blazes continued from December 2019 into 2020. It was a record 47 million acres, displacing thousands of people and killed at least 34 people.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit !!!

This royal couple did what I am sure all of us have though about . Prince Harry and Megan Markle divorced their family. Well the very least they stepped away from the royal image. I can see why they did this and it made them in my eyes more authentic. I can imagine they took there son in deep consideration when making this decision.

This is where I got writer’s block. ….. As you guys are reading this you shall notice it’s already the New Year. I thought that and blog about 2020 top recaps would be easy. But it wasn’t and it puzzled me. But I realized that 2020 will always be unforgettable.

I don’t have to do and blog to remind me or others.

I mean no one will ever forget how Kobe Bryant and his beautiful daughter and their companions perished in and plane accident. Or how the world was changed and we were in quarantine while being forced to wear masks. Like the paranoia, we all have faced with the new worldwide Covid. The countless victims, prayers to ones who have since passed. This the year that can’t be forgotten.

This that year that we all should have realized how important life is. I learned that waking up is and a true blessing. I learned that I choose to vibrate higher no matter what’s going on in the world. I learned to never stop learning. Never stop improving, never stop growing.

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