Goal Friend

So I know you see the title and your like “huh”? I ran across the term a few months back and I fell in love with it. I personally I do not have many friends because I am a loner and steer clear of drama. But seeing this term kind of gives me hope for the near future. Goal friend is the new GIRLFRIEND and its basically usually women that come together and crushes their goals together.

They support and encourage each other to be phenomenal. Now, that’s the type of friendship my soul would love. This site built and online network for women after this term as well as GOAL FRIEND.
That’s pretty amazing to me! We need more women fixing each other crown and being there for each other. Have you guys heard this term before? Do you have a goal friend(s) that you share your dreams and aspirations with? The only suggestion I would have is that men join in on this movement as well.

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