Reasons to Write a Travel Blog

If you have been following me since I started blogging you know I love to travel. This year because of other things  I have not travel like I normally would this year. But I got to tell you guys I love travel blogs. So I decided to blog about reasons to write a travel blog. I hope I convince you to write or start your travel blog today.

landscape photography of snowy mountain

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

  1. Capture the essence

For me blogging gets all my immediate thoughts out that I may forget. I get to capture the exact moment down plus pictures and videos. For me that is very rewarding because it connects me with my feelings in the moment as well .

road in city during sunset

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2. Sharing is CARING!!!

By writing a travel blog people will hopefully read it. I love to share my travel experiences with family , friends, strangers lol anybody. Why travel and not share your experience and story?

photography of fall trees

Photo by Guillaume Meurice on

3. Your Eyes Do not LIE

Many times I’ve had people tell me not to go to certain destinations. I have even read bad stories about places I have been. But when you experience something yourself you get to see for yourself. Your experience probably will differ from someone else. So I think its important to write about your travels so others can somewhat see different aspects before they go out on their journey.

asphalt dark dawn endless

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4. Traveling is the BEST!!!

Writing about your traveling experience helps groom your blogging skills. Your blogging/writing skills will definitely improve. Plus in your downtime on vacation you have something else to do to soak up your vacation time.

aerial view of seashore near large grey rocks

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