Its Wine Time

We haven’t seen a wine blog on here since last year. So why not get your glasses out why I give you the tea on this new wine. This wine is called “Cattoo” and you guys know I had to research that interesting name. Well with my research this is the answer I discovered: A tattoo of a cat that makes a noise when you rub it. However, the tattoo must be on your blank. Listen this isn’t that type of blog so I will let you imagine what the blank was.

I really enjoyed the artwork I thought it was pretty cool. The wine’s from naked wines and its a vine zinfadel 2016. It was curated in Lodi California. It’s a combination of boysenberries, blueberry and spiced aromas.

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The taste is strong and will linger on your palate for some time. It’s not the best tasting wine I have had but it surely isn’t the worst. It’s quite spicy but I like it a tad I guess you can say. On a scale of 1-10 I give this wine a 7 and that’s mainly because I like the logo a lot. I would recommend to those that like a strong wine with a spicy hit to it.

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