The Naked Truth: Surviving R Kelly Documentary Series



 What Are Your Thoughts???

I am not going to lie to you guys I wasn’t going to even watch this documentary. Simply because I didn’t want to get wrapped up into more sexual drama dealing with a celeb. Last year I saw TV icon Bill Cosby sent to prison and career literally dragged in the mud with him. So I guess I wasn’t necessarily prepared to see another big icon that I was highly familiar with go the same route. Plus as I am sure you all are aware a lot of sexual allegations have been coming out about these big celebs it’s nauseating.

But nevertheless I got suckered into watching this documentary and I was astonished. But in my opinion, it’s a lot of fake outrage pouring out because we have all heard these rumors before about RKelly. So in that light I am not shocked by his sexual appetite because his lyrics are very raunchy as well. The artist his self is very sexual in his performances that we have all seen at least once for ourselves. If you are up in age or at the least in your thirties you know he married a 15-year-old Aaliyah when he was well beyond GROWN.

RKelly threaten legal action before Lifetime even aired this juicy documentary. Watching it with the masses I do believe a lawsuit will follow. He is like those old men in the neighborhood that watch little girls to closely. Friends with the family but sneaking around making passes at impressionable teens. I have a problem with men who prey on young girls and I find it sickening.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to judge anyone or anybody. But why do certain men go after females half their age? Simply because they are easy to control which that’s the biggest reason why this man did all this with so many different girls. Their personal experiences with him all sound so similar. I refuse to believe these are just concocted stories because I feel there is a lot of truth in them.

These young girls were attracted to this famous singer who took advantage of their youth with his popularity. I do feel some of them knew what they were going after however they were not prepared for what they found. The people he had around him helped him recruit more naive kids to abuse. No one was telling him NO or what you are doing is WRONG. I do believe he has some major underlining issues that he needs to seek professional help with.

These girls parents have a big hand in all that occurred as well. They were not paying enough attention to their kids. How were these girls able to meet him at the club or be flying out to where he was without no one interfering. Some was actually staying with him and was dealing with him for years. Where were their parents at in all of this? Them young girls were failed by numerous people including RKelly.

He is a talented artist with an extensive catalog of some big hits. But in his personal life, he is nothing but a sick pedophile. Listening to those personal accounts from these grown women now I felt their pain. But I also saw that most of them were deeply in love with him despite the abuse and treatment they received from him. It goes to show you the deep manipulation he had over all of them.

The lesson that was reiterated with this documentary is that within the black community sexual abuse is always swept away in secrecy. I saw several tweets from people not even being mad or hurt by his actions. In fact, his music streams have since increased. Comparing into Bill Cosby it seems it was more outrage because his victims were Caucasian. But now with RKelly its seems to be more so a big joke because his victims were black girls.

Black girls for some reason in society cannot be victims of sexual abuse. They are often looked at as being promiscuous or deserving of that treatment. I noticed people are also comparing him to the likeness of Hugh Hefner. People are trying to take the spotlight off him and basically, say he isn’t guilty of nothing but being a man. His own brother said that it was nothing wrong with his taste in young girls.

I am curious to see what the next chapter of this saga will be. Some people feel that RKelly was paying a lot of these girls off and now that the money has dried out they want to speak out now. Whatever the actual truth is I am glad this documentary happened. It shows in the black community what we allow to happen right before our eyes. And because he is RKelly most of us are okay with his actions as long as it didn’t occur to US or someone close to US.

Below is the link to My Youtube video about the RKelly documentary


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