2018 Honorable Mentions

Happy New Year everyone! It’s now 2019… but I want to go back and mention a few things that happen in 2018 that made me go WHET?


R.I.P. to any and everyone that passed away. I have compiled a list of the deaths that really shocked me.

Kim Porter


Mac Miller


Angela Simmoms Baby Daddy (Sutton Tennyson)





Kate Spade


Burt Reynolds


Aretha Franklin


May they all R.I.P.

Now let’s do a quick run down on all my favorite stories, gossip, music etc.

The breakout musical talents for me was Ella Mai, Cardi B and Jessie Reyez. Of course i love Boo’ed up, Tripping but my favorite Ella Mai song is Naked. As for Cardi B I am a big fan from the ratchetness and secret wedding, to her baby KULTURE. I love all the music she released my favorite maybe Money because that’s the most recent.

 My Personal Opinion on these TOPICS are just my opinion:

  • Jacquees is not the King of Rnb.
  • Bill Cosby being arrested is simply a message from the higher ups.
  • Michelle Obama book sells out >>> DUH.


Michelle Obama we are not deserving of your presence.


  • BIRDBOX was just okay.
  • Erica Mena and Safaree engaged??? I like it for some reason.
  • Reginae and Lucci are a couple… I think it’s an doomed relationship.
  • Nicki Minaj has had NOT a great year. Her true personality is showing and it reflecting on her career.
  • Remy and Papoose welcomed a baby girl and I am so thrilled for them.
  • Lira Galore is pregnant by QC Label boss Pee. UMM she securing the bag at least.
  • City Girls blew up ; Jt is in jail for fraud while Yung Miami has coined the phrase “Flewed Out” and is rumored to be prego. They are signed to QC Label. I like this group they are urban music with Trina inspired lyrics.
  • Meek Mill music is so GOODDD
  • Black Panther came out this year and the rest is BLACK HISTORY


  • All the Kardashians have kids except Kendall. She seems to be the most normal.
  • Kanye is still KANYE.
  • Drake is still dropping hits … Latest album is SCORPION and my favorite song is In my feelings.
  • Wayne got his money from Birdman and it was long over due.
  • Offset is now the Beyonce of the Amigos.
  • Tyga broke free of the curse and is becoming somewhat popular again.
  • Jay Z admits to cheating on Queen B. I have nothing nice to say about this.
  • Star is still like the best show out.
  • Trump is still president unfortunately.
  • Fish Tail Brows and Halo Brows are BANNED from 2019 !!!


  • Kylie ties with Jayz tied on Forbes wealthiest list for #5. That’s BS Jay Z actually hustled hard for that number . Kylie was born into wealth and receive help in getting to that spot.
  • Meghan Markle married into royalty and is now expecting.
  • Roseanna reboot cancelled due to racial slurs. I HATED THE REBOOT and well know about Roseanne anyways.
  • Weinstein and other big male celebs are ousted for their bad sexual behavior. Kudos it’s about time…
  • Mariah Carey admits she is bipolar but I think we suspected something was not right all along.
  • Demi Lovato suffers an over dose and is doing better now.
  • Gary Owens ” Cosby” Star job shamed. People can be so cruel the man was simply trying to make and honest living.








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