Part 2 to End of 2018

I am quite anxious for 2019 because I do feel like it will be my YEAR. After all the end of December, we have the solstice and a full moon.  I truly believe now is the time for us to manifest and put out our full intention for the new year. I think after dealing with this year I am more level-headed. I have coined this year SELF CARE period for me.

I took care of myself much better but I also had a few mishaps. I lost people along the way that I thought was loyal. You just could not tell me that’s these people weren’t the next best thing to slice bread. But the universe revealed those who was for me and those that weren’t for ME. I am very excited about the opportunities that await me in the new year.

I definitely will be challenging myself more because I know a deal with the pressure. PRESSURE BUILDS DIAMONDS!!! My first challenge is NO  MEAT, NO RICE, NO SODA for the month of January. I welcome all that will join this challenge with me. I am not a health nut but I definitely have areas that need improvement. Another challenge will be improving my finances and cut back on SPENDING.

Reminding myself consistently that SPIRITUAL SOLITUDE is okay. I hope we all LEVEL UP to the fifteen power. We love ourselves and grow within ourselves MORE. For me, I will be expanding my brand more and taking it more seriously. Looking back I started this blog as a hobby but I see the potential that it has. I see my potential that I have been overlooking. MY BRAND will be going through some tremendous changes and I cannot wait.

I cannot wait for the GROWTH… I want to get in tune with the vibration of my soul. I know there is something major waiting for me down the road. It’s just waiting for me to open my mind. 2018 was not all bad because through the problems and BS I learned a lot. 2019 I will be moving with strategic and manifesting the life I desire.

Happy New Year!!!

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