Red Lipstick

I hate red lipstick! Well, that is rather harsh to type… But I did use to not like it all. I remember when my mom forced me to wear it for my 8th-grade prom. I cringe all night because I thought I looked terrible. My dress was royal blue and I somehow thought it clashed with that darn red lipstick.
But as I have gotten older I realized something about red lipsticks. I realize quite a few things I never notice. The number one thing I noticed which relates to my hatred for the lip color is I associated with my mother. For as long as I known my mother (FOREVER) she has always worn red lipstick. Different variations of course but they all have that red hue.
My relationship with my mother hasn’t been the best throughout the years I admit. I find it odd that we dislike or like certain things because of what or whom we associate it with. But I have grown to kind of like red lipstick you can say once I stepped over that psychological hold it had for me. A red lipstick is a woman’s best friend. I love that bright matte red and the men apparently love it on us too.
The history of red lipstick dates back from ancient Egypt to NOW. But despite the era it has always signify power and confidence. I notice when I wear it I am another person with more confidence. I also get an array of compliments from both sexes. I think it’s becoming my go-to color when I want to make an entrance or stand out.
What are your thoughts on red lipstick?

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