What Are Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts is a new section I will be adding on my blog and syncing with https://anchor.fm/sundaychat <<< my podcast. Basically this section will be asking questions I ponder about often and wonder do others as well. The very first questions we will start of with is ” How do you feel about the new trend older women with younger men.? Me personally I see nothing wrong with it and we need to eliminate these double standards in the world. Men have been dating , sleeping and even marrying younger women for decades. 

I don’t think I could mess with someone younger than me but I shall not judge on the matter. For ma I tend to gravitate to older men because I think I have always been more mature than the fellas my age. I don’t believe my preference has anything to do with daddy issues I just like what I like.

What Are Your Thoughts????


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