Five Quirky Habits About ME

This blog is about some of my quirky habits. I feel I have quite a few but I will keep it cute and small and just do five. I am always told I am a tad different and I use to feel weird. But now I am older and I realize its nothing wrong with being unique. So lets begin!

  1. When I am nervous or anxious I shake my leg if I am sitting. If I am standing I walk around or grab on my hands.

2. I am always on YouTube. I am so fascinated with it that I seldom watch television. I find the platform to be more interesting and I am able to learn so much more.

3. I start so many projects at the same time and I never finish. This is something I am not proud of. The latest was I wanted to teach me self Spanish  and yea… that never happen. I feel my heart is in the right place nevertheless.

4. I talk to myself like full conversations. An I do not find this strange at all. I have a great relationship with myself.

5. This is one of my latest quirks. I am obsessed with the YouTube channel Female Killers. I am not sure why I am…. this one scares me the most lol. But I love watching the different episodes. Women are just baffling to me even if I am a woman as well.


What are your thoughts?

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