My Top Five Pet Peeves

I thought I would start off with a definition of what a “pet peeve “is for those that may not be familiar.
pet peeves (plural noun)
something that a particular person finds especially annoying.
“one of my biggest pet peeves is poor customer service”
annoyance · irritation · source of irritation · source of vexation · source of annoyance
Now that we got that out the way here is my top 5 pet peeves. They are in no particular order.
part (one’s lips) noisily in eager anticipation or enjoyment of food, drink, or other pleasures.
 I simply cringe when I hear someone smacking on food. Gum popping can also be considered as smacking and its the worst kind of noise to man kind. I often wonder do people hear themselves when they eat. Its simply ridiculous and proper eating etiquette should be reinforced in this world we live in. (Joking)
2. Large Crowds
I really do not like being surrounded by lots of people. Maybe I am a loner … But I get extremely uncomfortable in crowds. I feel like someone may touch me or bump into me etc. It may just be a small case of shyness but I really feel small in CROWDS.
3. People that cough with out covering their mouth!!!
I work in a public place and I see this too much. It’s really disgusting how people sneeze and cough in no regards to others. Germs are very real! I make several faces at people who does this and sometimes hope they seem my scrutinizing face.
4. Bad Hygiene
I know life happens and sometimes we aren’t as fresh as we would like to be. But if you have consistently bad hygiene because you simply do not care …. umm that’s bad. We are all adults and we should shower as such. If you are in a situation where your living conditions are bad and you are not afforded the opportunity to purchase all the different types of cleaning products a wash rag is just as effective.
5. Loud People
Do you ever wonder why some people are just so loud? Well I do a lot and I don’t understand why some don’t use their inside voices for certain places. Why should I hear your conversations and I am not accompanying you?
This is my list I wanted to share. I hope I did not offend anyone but I am sure you have your own pet peeves as well.

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