Dating Thyself????

I use to be the girl who was in love with the idea of love. I felt I had to have and boyfriend to feel I was beautiful. If I didn’t have that male presence I would always question what am I lacking. It was always me in the mirror asking if I was ugly or other random questions. Well let me stop being melodramatic I did have boyfriends and male friends.

But I felt I had to be in a relationship to be happy and I learned along the way I was wrong. I think I was scared of being single and alone. Single life is beautiful! I do not have anything against those in relationships in fact I am happy for you. But those that are single like me, guess what we are in the best relationship.

It’s a relationship with our selves that would be the most pivotal in our lives. Being single does not mean anything is actually wrong with you. You do not have to answer to anyone but yourself in this relationship. Single life if done right helps you become more stronger and independent. Being single should be the process where you learn to love yourself.

After all how can you love someone and you don’t love yourself? Personally being single has shown me what I deserve and what I will not tolerate. Over time with my relationship with my self I have became so confident in the woman I am and the one am becoming. I owe much of the improvement of my self-esteem to me taking time to getting to know me and finding who am truly am. I appreciate me so much more now that I understand the importance of the single life.

I have fun just like I might have in a relationship. An I will not rush a relationship just to be in one. I will not succumb to society standards that say you must be in a relationship. If your single as well enjoy it before you get locked down. Appreciate YOU before you give yourself away.

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