Do You Hear That????

Lately I have been getting into sounds literally. Yes most of us are fortunate enough to hear everyday. But let me be specific… I have been researching sound healing. Sound has been used in many cultures for years to heal various ailments.

 Sound is a powerful tool, because it is vibrational in nature, and we are vibrational beings. In fact we live off frequencies believe it or not. Think about those times where you are feeling down but you hear your favorite song and your whole mood changes. Its kind of like women that are expecting puts headphones around their stomachs and play classical music for their unborn. Sound is powerful to our ears!

Sound can change one’s consciousness and also heal in the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual aspects of our being. Some are offering it  as an alternative treatment for problems like anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disorders, and PTSD. In fact you can even get a sound bath you guys. Sound bath is part meditation, listening exercises and musical performances that are said to heal. Participants lay on the floor and let the waves of sound wash over them.

Sound baths are said to balance the body and an over stimulated nervous system. Even though its being offered a lot of places even yoga centers you can practice at home. I go on YouTube and find videos with random sounds and see what the outcome is. There is even frequencies that you can specially use during meditation to amplify the experience. 

Here is a list of ten frequencies:

174 Hertz Removes Pain

285 Hertz Influences Energy Field

396 Hertz Liberates you of fear & guilt

417 Hertz Facilitates Change

432 Hertz Miracle Tone of Nature

528 Hertz Repairs DNA

639 Hertz Heals Relationships

741 Hertz Awaken Intuition

852 Hertz Attracts Soul Tribe

963 Hertz Connect with Light & Spirit

Since I have been practicing sound healing I notice a major difference. But I have always love music so it makes sense for me to be so heavily intrigued by this. I do believe it will become a routine for me. Is this something you tried before or would be interested in?


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