Diamonds Are Actually Forever…. Sorta

Eterneva is changing the way we memorialize those that have passed by turning there ashes into diamonds and designer cremation jewelry. It can be for loved ones and even your pets. There motto is “No life should be forgotten”. I think its an really defined way to keep the legacy of someone who is no longer here with us. Plus it can be passed on and on to different generations.

The beautiful diamonds are structured by their DNA and I love this innovative creation. Prices range from $2,999-$16,000  just for colorless diamonds which may be too pricey for some wallets. But they have an variety of other options such as yellow diamonds, black diamonds , blue diamonds, pink diamonds, green diamonds and red diamonds. That’s a whole lot of diamond options my friend which of course they have different prices.  The process can take about eight months once you send them the ashes.

It  starts with and initial consultation and once you have my your mind up and $200 dollar deposit is required to order there kit. These diamonds they are creating are REAL!!! They diamonds are tailor-made which some made argue makes them better than regular store brought diamonds. Would you try this to memorialize someone you lost? Or is the thought of someone ashes on you makes you cringe?

I would consider this idea if my finances would allow me too. I would love to have something like that because for me I would always feel connected to my pet or love one.

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