My Trip To Boston

I recently had a one day trip to Boston for my younger brother graduation. I knew beforehand that I would probably be really tired but I wanted to be there for support. So here’s what happened: I left an event at a club on Miami Beach and I was rather drunk. That was about 2:30 am and my designated driver aka my ex-dropped me off and put me in bed. I had already been vomiting on the way home and I continued until I passed out.

Somehow I abruptly woke up at 3 am and I got up cleaned myself up and grabbed my overnight bag. I don’t know why I continue to drink vodka when my body just doesn’t like it. Plus I was mixing wine, mixed drinks in with the vodka. I was really plastered!! Nevertheless, I requested my lyft and made my way to the airport.
I bumped into some people there that I knew (I work at the airport) but I avoided all conversations. I waited in line because the security checkpoint was not even opened yet. I forgot to mention I was under the weather plus being drunk. I made it through security and found my gate I sat down for a few. I realized I need to drink some liquids because I felt dehydrated.
I opted for orange juice and tried to nibble on a sandwich I had in my bag. But nothing would really go down. I had no seat assignment originally but at the last-minute, I was given one. Lucky for me it was an aisle seat in the last row by the bathroom. I love JetBlue I never have any issues with them. So the flight was about three hours so I attempted to take cat naps periodically. I saw my brothers friend a few rows ahead but I just was not in the mood.
Finally, we touched Boston and I rushed to the restroom to change into what I would be wearing to the graduation. I still was not feeling great but the alcohol was pretty much out my system. I met up with my brother whose plane had just made it to the airport. So once we all met including his friend named Ann we went to get a rental. Everyone had a bathroom break before we got the rental.
We actually switched the rental car for another because it was dirty and had scratches on the outside. Once that was settled we got on the road to Manchester where the school was located. The school is Southern New Hampshire University which I am attending online as well. I was rather quiet the whole trip because I was tired and not feeling the best. I didn’t know much about his friend so I listened to them talk about various subjects.
It was about an hour drive once there we went to see the school and the surrounding area. Then we stopped by a diner to grab food. I got blueberry tea with some odd breakfast combination. The food was not the best but it suited me. Well, we dropped my brother off as he had to go a separate way. Ann went to talk on the phone and once the door opened I found us some great seats.
Overall it was a long ceremony my butt fell asleep several times. It was rainy ,dreary and cold. Boston rain is something am not quite use too. I was glad when I got back home. I left Saturday and made it made it how early Sunday morning.The joy of the trip was seeing him graduating of course and eating this delightful meal at the airport.   It was a root beer float, mushroom sandwich with sweet potato puppies. That you guys was my small trip to Boston I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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