New Princess On the Block


Well, I didn’t stay up to 4am… But I am for this royal union. Growing up I never desired to be a princess and maybe I never thought I could possibly be one. But to see its an actual biracial princess means so much. Plus Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is kind of sexy with that red hair of his. I truly believe Princess Diana is especially pleased with this choice he has made.
She was also a commoner married into the royal family who tragically died before her time. I remembered going to bed and seeing the breaking news about the car crash that fatally took her life. I believe it’s the real thing the way he looks at her with such infatuation. I love the fact he went against the grain and chose someone who he loves and not have someone chosen for him. Prince Harry has always seemed so down to earth and not bourgeois like some of the other royal members.
I felt sad that her father was unable to walk her down the aisle due to health issues. Prince Charles walked her down the aisle but I felt why couldn’t her mother replace her father. Her mother and her dreadlocks of hers were so beautiful on her daughters special day. Overall I thought the wedding was bland. The best part for me was the preacher and some of the faces reacting to his words. Meghan was gorgeous but I felt her dress was rather plain and I questioned did she choose her own dress.
But she always has stood out to me being effortlessly breathtaking. I am genuinely happy for them and cannot wait for them to procreate. Oprah, Serena Williams and Victoria Beckham and the other spice girls  was some of the guests that I actually care to mention. Her mother was the only family member of hers who attended the wedding. I silently laugh because I would love to know how the queen truly feels about the new princess on the block. I think the biggest message is love is love and it shouldn’t matter who you choose to give yours too.


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