My Step by Step Guide to Applying Makeup

Today I wanted to give you all the steps I take to applying my makeup. Of course, I use different steps for work versus me going out to a party or to an event. Ladies you know when we go out the makeup is usually more extravagant and heavier with products. These steps I am providing is just for a basic everyday look.
 Step 1: I cannot go anywhere without lashes/falsies except for bed occasionally. All lash glue is not made fair so I opt to use the glue they use for applying hair extensions. Why? It’s super stronger than the watery normal lash glue.

Step 2: After I make sure my face is cleaned properly I apply some rose gold elixir. If this was and drug baby am addicted. My makeup goes on so much smoother than years before when I was just using lotion. Omg, can you imagine?

Step 3: This is where you apply your foundation. Lately, I have been opting to just use bb cream which I am a big fan of now.BB Cream is a foundation, moisturizer, and sunblock skin care product. Save your foundation and invest in this product. A little secret I have been doing lately is mixing the bb cream with some illuminators and your skin looks amazing!!!

Step 4: The next step is I apply some concealer under my eyes. I carry all my stress under my eyes so this is a major key for me. I blend all the way down to my cheeks some days.
Step 5: Girl if you don’t set that concealer in it will cause creases throughout the day. I set with a yellow setting powder. I don’t let it sit that long maybe about five minutes perse.

Step 6: Afterwards I go over my face with a matte powder mainly because it controls sweat and to even out the yellow from the banana powder.

Step 7: I could stop right there but I don’t I proceed with and darker setting powder. The reason I use so many different powders is this method works for me and my makeup stays intact even when I get up at 7 am and come home at 7 pm.

Step 8: Sometimes I switch this step with step 7 and vice versa. I love contouring so this comes next. I contour with an eyeshadow palette because the prior contour kits I had been using I found was too gray on my skin or was just ugh. I contour with my cheekbones and my nose. I blend it out to look natural and I clean my cheekbones with the same yellow setting powder to make it pop.

Step 9:  My favorite steps is a highlight. I highlight my nose, cheekbones and sometimes my forehead and circumference of my face. My fave highlighter is trophy wife by Fenty currently. Lately, I have been mixing a bronzer with my highlighter which is super gorgeous.

Step 10. Yes, I do my eyebrows in the last steps I don’t really know why but I do. I love using a chestnut-brown versus black. Black brows really age your skin in my opinion. I clean them up with concealer. 

Step 11. I know you girls are tired of all these steps but the last step is setting all this work in. I use to bypass this step but trust me it works wonders and smooths out makeup dust and helps the makeup sink into your skin for a more natural look. I have been using this rose-water hydrating mist or this other rose-water product that has specks of different bronzing particles. That’s it let it dry!

Step 12: Okay I lied that is not the last step you cannot forget the lips. I prefer lip gloss to lipstick but it’s your personal preference ladies. 
I hope you enjoyed this blog 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Step by Step Guide to Applying Makeup

  1. Hubert Makia says:

    Great piece, with the likes of you out here I believe every girls has got the chance to get the make up right.

    Liked by 1 person

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