My Trip to Freeport, Bahamas

I traveled to Freeport, Bahamas this past Friday. As you will see I don’t have many pictures because of two major reasons 1. Bahamas is like my second home so I was in the moment enjoying that and 2. My camcorder decided to die along the trip and for some reason, I just felt my iPhone was inadequate. So now that I have cleared the air about that matter let’s get on to the nitty-gritty details.
I didn’t pack my bags officially until that Thursday and I used a borrowed bag from my ex because I love his luggage bag. It’s a cute duffle bag and its compact and let’s be honest I love borrowing my ex’s things. I was worried that I would be too late to the port, however, I came just in time. There was no line and we had an hour wait until we boarded. So I did my selfie’s that we all do right before the trip actually begins.
I chose to take the Baleria fast ferry instead of a typical cruise or flight. I had been on the ferry before so I had become a pro while the newbies were getting seasick because the water was rough. I hardly noticed as I had a burger and a chilled mimosa. We made it to the island quickly around 11 am. The one day passengers and the overnight passengers were separated and we went thru Bahamas customs. Once out the building an older guy approached me asked did I need a taxi.
The natives thought I was a native and not and a tourist like I am. I waited five minutes or less and was showed a cab that would take me to the Port Lucaya Marketplace. Well, the taxi driver nickname was the “Friendly Giant’ and he handed me his business card. At first, I thought he was just friendly but as he started asking personal questions I realized the conservation was going left quick. He dropped the other passengers off before me and picked up more people and dropped them off before me.
I felt if he was prolonging the ride so I was so happy when I saw the beach. I had decided to go to the beach instead of the marketplace. I hurriedly got out the taxi amidst him shouting for me to call him. I went out to the beach and it was so dead and I had some  small regrets.  The Bahamians rush you when you enter the beach to sell you whatever service or product they are trying to sell.
But I just asked for my friend who worked for the watersports company out on the beach. Eventually, he came as I was about to walk away. I told him I just came to speak because lately, our relationship hasn’t been the best. He told me to stay so I agreed but I needed to get something to drink it was so hot. The only thing they had on the beach was beer and that was a no for me. So he said he would drop me off on the jet ski which would drop me directly there.
So I went and got some rum slushies and a bottle of alcohol because I knew he would want a drink. As I looked at how much stuff I had quickly accumulated I didn’t know how I would make it without spilling the drinks. I asked the smart mouth taxi drivers for a ride and they told me it would be $10 which was ridiculous because it’s a four-minute walk. The price gouging in the islands is bad when they think you don’t know any better. So I wobbled to the beach with the drinks. I made it and people started begging for some and my friend just took ownership like he had purchased them.
We got on the jet ski again and started riding and then we went to the marketplace for more drinks this time on him. Eventually, time for the watersports to pack up to close so I hurried to get some Wendy’s before the taxi driver came back for me. A little story I forgot to mention was that the taxi driver had come back looking for me wanting to hang out when I had gone and got drinks. So I was a little concern with him coming to get me but I needed to check in to my place.
So by the time, I could come back with my food he was already there. So I had listened to him say he wanted to hang out with me because he thought I would be bored on the beach by myself. My friend had told him we had been in and relationship for five years. I couldn’t help but think why do I meet people like this all the time. I arrived at the place which was secluded and looked like an efficiency or a duplex. It was quiet so I liked it for that but it wasn’t close to anything major.
So my friend texted me if I was gone purchase alcohol for the night and I was just like no, The reason being for some reason when you have friends in the islands they feel because you’re American you have money to splurge. Any who he stopped by clearly drunk and still drinking and complaining about his kid’s mother. I was just like I am ready to go to sleep. He said he would stop by after his classmate wake but I acted like I didn’t hear the text come in. I came to the islands to have a positive experience and not be around negativity.
So the next day I went to the marketplace and had a late breakfast with mimosa and then headed to the beach. My friend  greeted me but disappeared when I said I was going to the booth they had set up with some island drinks. So the time he disappeared his co-workers hit on me aimlessly and I just walked off to the far end of the beach. He eventually showed up saying he had been sitting and thinking about his problems. I listened and offered some advice which was him to focus on himself and his finances.
So he said he was gone to hang out with me and of course I had to buy the drinks. I was getting aggravated I felt I was being used. The places he took me and the people he took me around just was not my scene.  I met the crazy cousin who almost got into an altercation and was acting crazy. I got hungry and they took me to this hole in the wall place where the food made my stomach hurt.
So he took me home and said we would go the club in an hour. An hour passed and some extra time and when he did come he was not dressed. So I waited for him outside his house to get dressed and then we hit the streets. The first place we go to we had been to earlier that day as soon as we arrive he sees his baby mothers car. He parks and runs into the place and I am just like is this really happening. We ran into her again when we decided to go to the marketplace and we went to this little boring bar.
He left me inside so he can go gamble. So at the point, I wanted to go to my apartment because I finally met the real version of someone I have been knowing for five years. He kind of got upset I wanted to go to bed so early but I felt the night going the wrong way quick. I tried to blame my stomach but he knew I had just got turned off. The next day he said he would come get me to check out and hang out. He never came to get me because he was still drunk allegedly.
I had got tired of hanging with him and being portrayed like I was his woman.But don’t worry my last day was the best. I went out with a new friend who came to pick me up and take me to lunch. He showed me around areas I had never seen before and we talked and he dropped me off at the port. So my advice if you were thinking about going to Freeport there is not much to do since the hurricanes impacted them and damaged many of the popular areas. The men love foreigners because they think they may find one to be gullible to take care of them. Be like me, be smart, hold on to your coins and be aware of your surroundings and enjoy your own self.

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