Out With The Old In With The New

The past day I dyed my hair over with a complimentary product from Clairol nice’n easy line I received from pinch me.  The color was supposed to be pale blond but just my luck it didn’t really take. It turn my already orangey blond to a more golden blond. But since the last dye job I had I went to a salon and also got a  Dominican blowout damaged my hair I went super hair mask and deep conditioning crazy. So I decided to share with you my previous staple products to my current hair products.

My previous favorites was Cantu Complete Conditioning co wash for natural hair. The product is very cost friendly and gently cleanses curls and scalp removing heavy product buildup while a unique blend of natural butters and oils infuse moisture. The next product is by Tresemme‘ the smooth and silky conditioner with Moroccan Argan oil which leaves your hair feeling soft especially for dry and brittle hair. The last product was Kanechom the Acai hydrating hair mask. Kanechom is a hair-care brand from Brazil seeing new popularity in the USA, especially among African-American and Hispanic women, whose hair is similar to the hair of most Brazilian women. These are all being thrown out because they have been diminished from my constant usages.



Silicon mix with Kanechom Products

But you ladies know we love more and more hair products well the majority of is do at least. So I purchase some more such as Silicon Mix. I have used it before and Silicon Mix Hair Treatment – is a Hair Treatment to restore the health, shine and the softness of dry, damaged and weak hair. I discussed Kanechom in the previous paragraph but I got some other variations of their line. I went with the Goats Milk and the Shea Butter option. I loved the Acai Berry mask with how it helped my hair and the scent this time around I wanted to try something new. But I am and will always remain a fan of this hair-line I will definitely be sticking to it and all these products are very affordable. I rarely use shampoo because it strips the ph. balance of your hair so that’s a no go for ME!!! But a quick tip Apple cider vinegar with the mother cleans your hair way better that any shampoo I used prior.

     What are your favorite hair products??

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