Love Note To Me

Hey my favorite girl…

I am loving the woman you are becoming

I love the woman you are even more!!!

I must admit it was a bumpy road but your stronger than most

I love how you turn lemons into lemonade … or Arnold Palmers with a little something we cannot mention

I love your natural humor to life and free spirit that not many possess

Your youthfulness is so refreshing but is not a match for your kind soul  

Your very essence of being a WOMAN is simply breathtaking

You are every woman a little Kim but even more Maya Angelou 

I can not wait to see what else you bring to this world with your presence

I encourage all of you who decide to read this to write yourself a love note or letter to yourself. Yes it may seem silly at first or juvenile but I find it to be a great step towards finding your self love. Self love is all about finding yourself and loving yourself. So sometimes it is the little things that will bring a smile to your beautiful face. That is  what counts the most!!! Smiling also prevents premature wrinkles (THIS IS WHERE YOU LAUGH)



4 thoughts on “Love Note To Me

  1. sincerelyjulieanna says:

    I love your post! Going to write my own letter in my journal 🙂 It’s easy to put others first but sometimes we have to step back and remember to give ourselves the love we need and deserve too!

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