Does Marriage Matter Any More?

Marriage is not a big deal in this generation anymore! That’s a bold statement I just typed but hear me out before you leave. I am 30, no kids, independent, somewhat attractive am not gruesome to say the least. Marriage has never knocked on my door many people who I actually know is in the same boat with me. Celebrities whom I don’t know aren’t getting married much these days either.
If by chance they do its over in one year to five years max. I ask you why do you think marriage isn’t happening lately? Now I will admit I see many couples shacking up and producing cute kiddies. But that’s just it… nothing more nothing less. Marriage rate is declining drastically and people are just satisfied with living together.
I must admit I am not keen on marriage myself because just from observations its in no comparison to our grandparents and great grandparents relationship. They had those relationship that when you hear about their trials and tribulations they went thru it tears you up. I love hearing about those marriages and imagining that one day maybe that will be me.I guess back in those times marriage was expected from everyone in your life and now we have the choice to not go that route. I guess some of us that may shy away from saying our vows are just afraid that we may lose ourselves. Me personally I would rather wait than just settle for anybody which is a big reason why I guess I don’t have a ring.
With marriage there is gender roles that I am not that crazy about. I can’t fathom being one of those wives that just cook, tidy up, take care of the kids etc. That would just be my life? Why should I stop my goals and aspirations to be a housewife? If that’s your life by all means I applaud you. Marriage and growing old and sharing my life with someone that’s designed for me is beautiful.
But still having my freedom and the choice to not get married isn’t that bad either. A marriage if done right is forever,so maybe that’s why it really isn’t happening in this generation anymore. Besides I am not a fan of co-habiting either.

3 thoughts on “Does Marriage Matter Any More?

  1. Leighann says:

    I am about to be 25, and most of my friends are married and with kids. That’s great for them, and I wanted that for awhile, but as I have gotten older, i just don’t see that for myself. I like my alone time, I love my family, and my pets. That’s it through. I know I don’t want kids. Marriage isn’t something I really want either. I think if it’s supposed to happen it will happen.


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