Got Niche???

Do you have to actually have a niche to run a successful blog???? This is a question I have been asking myself over and over since I started blogging. It has kind of had me foggy headed and stalled me from blogging recently. I’ve always loved writing and sharing my feelings. But with blogging many recommend you have an niche so you don’t confuse you readers.
So I was in between going with lifestyle or just doing beauty or marketing products. But why  must I  have one niche? I do not want to be seen as a salesperson which is why many go with choosing that one niche. But I am every woman I am versatile so why not blog about any and everything. It may be logical to use this platform to brand myself however I still want to be relatable to my readers.
That seems a lot better than being a snobby EXPERT and worry about the financial gain that may come. I choose to blog about what I want to blog about. With no specific niche I can keep my blog fresh and updated regularly. I am all for a niche less blog versus a niche blog. With any luck my blog will be successful with it’s on identity.

4 thoughts on “Got Niche???

  1. gervais6 says:

    Omg! Yes blog away. I don’t really get the niche thing yet…but I’ve only been blogging for 18 days. My site is familywithabudget but I picked that because that’s who we are and I mainly want to write about how we live as a family on a budget. However, I find myself stuck on if I should only write financial related content. I suppose I’ll get it figured out some day


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