Notary as a Business

Many people are branching off in the freelance area. A great freelancing gig that is inexpensive is becoming a notary. However many go thru the whole process and never make any money. Only for the simple fact there are many notaries in the area or the dollar amount for notarizing documents isn’t that much. But there are lots of things you can do with your certification and get paid as well.

You signing agent for mortgages, authorize marriages , PERMIT RUNNING. I know what your think “Permit Running”??? What’s that you ask? It’s a way for you to get some extra money. In fact I have a detailed newsletter with all the information you will ever need to be successful as a permit runner. For a low-cost of $21.99  you can be raking in a $100 or more extra a week being your own boss. So if your ready to change your life click the link

Permit Running

I provide a newsletter on how to profit from being an notary by becoming a permit runner.



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