Oh Puerto Rico

puerto-rico-hurricane-maria-aftermath2Today thousands of people was supposed to regain their power today in Puerto Rico. Well that never happened. I find it quite sad that people have been without electricity for four to five  months.  San Juan the city has had power for some time now but those on the outskirts hasn’t. The municipality of Arecibo has 10.000 people without electricity  with many having no idea when they will be out the dark.

The local officials are just making promise after promise to them. While the U.S. President is painting a picture that things are just peachy over there. The reality is it’s not “PEACHY”. Trump is treating them like they aren’t citizens when in fact they are. The officials are trying to speak up because they are tired as well of this ordeal.

The latest is they may get power this week because the US Army Corps is overseeing and project that will provide a generator. The process is taking so long because it was severe damage to the wiring with the electricity. The citizens just don’t believe anything right now they feel there is no government intact for them. Many are against the Army Corps because they seem inexperienced in helping with this disaster. I am deeply saddened but not surprised.

I reside in Florida myself so I know a tad about Irma aftermath. But I wish I could take back some of the complaints I made myself. I was in the dark for a week but that’s no comparison to months. They are citizens as well so why are they not getting any real help??? I know lots of people have went over there in the corps and special relief groups but what are the real results. The reality is Puerto Rico will not be the same until years to come. They are definitely in my prayers.


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